Commonwealth for For The Greater Good

The “Hand” tee is loosely based off the Black Panther Party’s, Minister of Culture, Emory Douglas’ artwork. Featuring the globe in the grip of the corporate world that has put us into the tough economic times we are feeling now. Including members of the “Big Three” and a few of the bailout boys club.

Green/White sz. M, L, XL
Black/ White sz. M, L, XL
White/Navy sz. M, L, XL

The “Freedom” tee is another graphic inspired by Emory Douglas. When all is said and done our freedom and education is all we need to pull us through tough times, and one of the best things you can do for self is to continue learning. Sometimes we have to go through hell to get right. So, hold down your square and push through. You must learn!

Grey/Black sz. M, L, XL
Black/White sz. M, L, XL
White/Black sz. M, L, XL

The King of Pop may have just recently passed, but were still mourning the loss of the Godfather of Soul…the “Hardest Working Man in Showbiz.”

Black/Gold sz. M, L, XL
White/Maroon sz. M, L, XL
Blue/ White sz. M, L, XL


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