Fall “General Public” Collection

Mountain Providence Parka $340
Forrest Green sz. M, L, XL

Mountain Style Parka. Bellowed lower
pockets with angled hand pockets above.
Inserted Box cut sleeve construction. Double
storm front cover. Large internal Safe
pockets. Leather original style pullers. Nylon
Hood linings. Made with a Japanese Canvas.

About Ship Blouson 4 Pkt Mod. $265
Raw Navy Sz. M, L, XL

Re Make model of over head naval deck
jacket, Modelled into zip front jacket with
all internal twill bindings and cuff markers
present and correct.
4 Pocket chest arrangement, paneleed
pockets with Twill ‘ware board’ sections.
with new silver tin style Brummie butons
and vintage style TALON zipper. Inside out
seams and small front bib and reverse yoke.
Hidden Label on front and leather emblem on chord.
Made with 700g unbrushed Wool.

Warden Coat. Original Mod. $275
Used Navy with Royal Stich Sz. M, L, XL

Re production English Warden Coat, Origi-
nally manufactured in North West England
in 1956. Modified cut with four front
pockets. Sddle sccop bar tacked cufs.Half set
sleeve. Heavy duty stitching and Bar tacking
on all pockets for durability. Made with Heavy Vintage
Japanese Cord Cloth. WWI Era reproduction Cloth.

Senior Crew Knitted Sweat Top.
Black Sz. M, L, XL

Re worked 1950’s sweat top style in 5 guage
Lambswool Shetland yarn. Button cuff detail
with half dip signal style arm on right as
worn arm. Made with 5 gauge Shetland Lambs Wool.

CPW Country Shirt Civic Mod. $160
Grey (No red patch but will be included in package) Sz. M, L, XL

Classic CPW shirt. Three front pockets,
Fasten twice with Garbstore Tri-Hole but-
tons. Triple layer yoke with Nylon Satin type
insid eof yoke and collar stand. Ranger Tree
aplique patch. Made with soft woven tweed.

Public Shore Smock FR. $150
Indigo Sz. M, L

MODIFIED 1920’S Reproduction French
Artidsan Peasants shirt. Modified Fluted
cuffs for Modern interpretation. Extended
placket on front. Diamond Cut Gusset
under arms for ease of movement. Cut full
as an over shirt as original usage was an
over smock. Fluted front ‘tuck’ bib, vented
triangle inserts at lower side hem. Double
stripe brading on pocket and collar. Hidden
pocket inside. Made with USN Type Japanese Chambray.

Officers Shirt FDR. $180
Red Sz. M, L, XL

Classic Officers shirt with two front bellow
pockets with inverted pleat at top. Small tri
hole buttons smoked to color. Narrow collar
with moon yoke and buggy. Cut straight
with tie strap on front yoke. Stake style
placket on front. Slim collar. Made with Cotton
Yard Dyed Flannel ( TWILL ) Japanese Cloth.

Officers Shirt FDR. $180
Orange Sz. M, L, XL

Ro Day Oh, Lineman Shirt. $195
Pink & Blue Check Sz. S, M, XL

Lineman classic Rodeo Shirt. Overhead
smock type. Contrasting bias cut panels
on front pocket and back yoke. Stake style
placket on front. Slim collar. Made with Cotton
Yard Dyed Flannel ( TWILL ) Japanese Cloth.


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